An in-demand skill set for the digital age.

High-profile domestic and global cyberattacks have made private sector and government decision-makers painfully aware of the need for well-trained cybersecurity professionals. In response to this growing need, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) has established the first undergraduate curriculum guidelines for cybersecurity, while the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have developed a cybersecurity certification. 

Mercyhurst University’s Cyber Security bachelor’s program is one of the first stand-alone programs in the nation to follow both of these guidelines. Already home to one of the nation’s most respected Intelligence Studies programs, Mercyhurst is now able to leverage our experience, faculty expertise, cutting-edge resources and industry connections to provide an unparalleled cybereducation at the undergraduate level.

Fast Facts

  • Mercyhurst’s Cyber Security program is the only one in the nation to allow students to pursue a double major with Intelligence Studies, offered through the nation’s largest academic intelligence program.
  • The Cyber Security major couples technical computer networking and hacking skills with data analytic skills and cyberlaw and policy. 
  • Graduates of the Cyber Security Program will be fortified with the necessary skillset and well positioned to meet the fastest growing demand of cybersecurity jobs, which, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is estimated to grow at a 31% rate through 2029, a rate that is over seven times faster than the national average job growth of 4%.
  • Mercyhurst’s cyberlab and networks operation center, a joint venture with Erie-based firm Federal Resources Corporation, provides experiential learning opportunities for Mercyhurst students to conduct projects on behalf of real-world clients.

In The Classroom

Nearly 50 Mercyhurst students from the Cyber Security, Data Science, Intelligence Studies, Business and Competitive Intelligence, Accounting, and Sport Business Management majors recently took and passed the PCEP-02 certification exam. The PCEP-02 credential is the industry "board-exam" equivalent of programming assessment in Python programming. Per the Python Institute, this Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification is a professional credential that measures a candidate's ability to accomplish coding tasks related to the essentials of programming in the Python language. While cyber security experts and data scientists particularly benefit from this programming knowledge, it is valuable in many industries and is an excellent resume feature.

students and certficates

Center for Intelligence Research Analysis and Training (CIRAT)

Our CIRAT program works to hone and professionalize the skills of students in Intelligence Studies and Computer Information Science programs. As a nonprofit arm of Mercyhurst University, CIRAT develops opportunities with business and government entities through contracts, grants, and academic partnerships. Students of all academic levels can participate in CIRAT to apply their skills in a variety of collaborative intelligence and data-driven projects. By participating in CIRAT, Mercyhurst students gain a competitive edge; upon graduation, they already have applicable, hands-on experience working with national security organizations, U.S. government agencies, private sector businesses, and more.


The Federal Resources Corporation Cyber Education Center is an 8,000-square-foot state-of-the-art cyber training and mitigation facility providing classroom and experiential learning.


The Cyber Security major is one of few undergraduate programs in the nation that can offer the professional training and specialized skill sets required for a cyber career.


For majors interested in advancing their education beyond the bachelor’s level, Mercyhurst’s 4+1 master’s programs are excellent options.

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