At the Innovation Entente Lab (IEL), student analysts will provide a competitive business intelligence approach in conducting key research and the collection of data necessary to help entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve an understanding of their market, industry and competitive landscape. Students working within the IEL take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world experiences. They gain valuable skills in networking, as they interact with clients in a professional setting, providing clients with actionable intelligence. The IEL provides Mercyhurst University with an opportunity to interact with the community in a positive way helping to build and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the surrounding region.  

  • Market Analysis Data  
  • Competitive Business Intelligence Analysis  
  • Intellectual Property Information  
  • Funding Opportunities  
  • Social Media Market Analysis  
  • Industry Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid
  • Data Collection and Manipulation


How long will it take for each project to be completed? 

It takes about 6 weeks from start to finish.  

What can a client expect when working with the Innovation Entente Lab? 

We will hold a (Terms of Reference) meeting with the client to discuss the business/entrepreneurial concept and needs. The IEL representation will communicate in detail the services that can be provided. The meeting concludes with an established Terms of Reference that the IEL has established between both parties. A Terms of Reference agreement will be sent out via email to the client for approval and signature, ensuring a clear understanding of the services to be provided. Once a project has started, it will be approximately 6 weeks from beginning to end. During this time, the team will be in communication with the client weekly. Upon completion of the project, the client will receive a digital version of their project and will be contacted to schedule a presentation of the data and research. This will conclude the terms of reference. Lastly, the IEL may provide additional project(s) upon request.  

How does a potential client request a Terms of Reference Meeting? 

Contact the Assistant Director of the Innovation Entente Lab at the email below.

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