At Mercyhurst University, you can enhance your experience beyond the classroom through Recognized Student Clubs/Organizations (RSCOs). Clubs and organizations offer activities designed for fun and camaraderie and are great ways to meet other students who share common interests. Getting involved on campus is also a unique way to develop leadership skills and is an excellent resume builder.

The purpose of the MU Music Therapy club shall be to educate students, as well as the general community, about the benefits of research-based music as it applies in a therapeutic setting. We strive to operate on a theme of inclusivity in which we will address various populations beyond ourselves through community outreach both on and off campus. We also strive not only to advocate and educate others but also to promote advocacy for ourselves within the development of our careers and profession.

Advisor: Brittany Barko Krugger

Hurst Harmonics will be a student led acapella group. It will be for music majors, and non music majors to come together to make music and share their love of acapella. We would hope to hold performances with the mercyhurst ensembles in the future.

Advisor: Brittany Barko Krugger

Phi Alpha is an honor society for social work students who have met the various academic qualifications within the major. Our goal is to connect social work students with one another and recognize their hard work and dedication to their studies and the social work profession. Likewise, we aim to engage in various actions and advocacy projects that uphold the core values of social work and change the societal misconceptions surrounding the profession.

Advisor: Michelle Kephart

This club is for anyone who has, will, or is interested in studying or traveling abroad. The purpose of Lakers Abroad is to continue the cultural immersion and education established during the time members have spent or will spend abroad and to educate members of the Mercyhurst community on the importance and benefits of studying/traveling abroad. We aim to hold events that promote intercultural communication and education such as intercultural food night, story time with international students and faculty, cultural tradition night, and much more.

Advisor: Kaitlin Dolak