One of the many ways that our campus community embraces our Lakers is through intramural sports, which consist of casual, fun athletic leagues held throughout the academic year. In addition to providing students a great way to get involved and meet new people, intramural sports give an opportunity to stay active and make use of the university's many recently renovated indoor and outdoor athletic facilities. Intramural sports are open to all Mercyhurst students, regardless of skill level or athletic ability, so all are encouraged to participate! Intramural sports participation affords an opportunity to develop the essential qualities of leadership, cooperation, self-reliance, and sense of fair play and to form friendships that will endure throughout the years.

  • Each season (fall, winter, spring) is six-weeks long, including playoffs.
  • Each activity requires registration and payment through IMLeagues.
  • Registration deadlines are the week prior to the start of the season. 
  • Participants organize their own teams. 


  1. Provide a broad-based program of sports and leisure time activities designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of our students.
  2. Provide students an opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive recreational sports in a safe environment.
  3. Provide students and employees the opportunity to improve their overall wellness. Intramural sports provides activities where students can improve and nurture their social, physical, and intellectual wellness.
  4. Promote and provide quality service, facilities, and equipment .
  5. Facilitate the opportunity for enjoyable experiences.
  6. By creating this new area of opportunity on campus, this will provide students’ academic and practical experience in their respective career fields. This also aids in research opportunities for faculty and staff in academics, student life, and athletics. 
  7. By providing Mercyhurst students the opportunity to participate in these activities, they will have a better sense of community and belonging, therefore they will be more inclined to graduate from Mercyhurst, which will hopefully increase student retention rates. 

To accomplish these goals, a wide spectrum of structured activities is promoted, including competitive intramural sports, and co-recreational sports. Intramural sports support the divisional mission by providing structured activities to enhance the quality of their student life experience at Mercyhurst. Through participation in intramural sports programs, one can find opportunities for leadership experience, friendly competition, teamwork, and good sportsmanship as well as the practical benefits of physical, social, and mental wellness. The program also provides employment opportunities as sport and recreation supervisors and sport officials. The Campus Involvement Center invites all Mercyhurst students to take part in its intramural program. The rewards and benefits of participation will make Hurst feel like home! 

intramural sports team on football field
intramural sports team on baseball field
intramural sports team on basketball court

League Offerings

  • Flag Football
  • Kickball
  • Basketball 
  • 6 vs. 6 Volleyball 
  • Wiffleball 
  • Indoor Soccer
  • Outdoor Soccer 

Tournaments (with MAC/SAC)

  • Cornhole
  • 3 vs. 3 Basketball
  • Dodgeball


Participating in intramurals improved students:

  • Overall happiness
  • Self-confidence
  • Satisfaction with college experience
  • Social life
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Reduced social anxiety

Contact Us

Katie Neely
Leadership & Outreach Coordinator
Intramurals Advisor
Phone: 814-824-2035