Hands-on experiences, from the classroom to the boardroom and beyond.

Within the Walker College of Business programs, you’ll discover a rigorous and collaborative approach to learning that inspires informed judgment, decisive action, and cultural literacy. As the business world grows increasingly more global and interconnected, we know that our students are prepared to work with diverse teams to bring innovation to life. Walker College graduates are ready to use technology to its fullest potential, collaborate and explore new styles of leadership, and to push the boundaries to progress. 

Each major in the Walker College of Business values hands-on learning and close faculty mentorship. Be prepared to write an engaging marketing plan for a small business, design your own store-front fashion display, or craft your own culinary experience for your peers and community. Across all of our diverse programs, experienced faculty will prepare you for leadership roles as you develop the creative design and strategic business skills needed in today’s global marketplace. 

Undergraduate Business Programs

The defining element of a Mercyhurst business degree is a series of core courses that all business majors take, which provide a curriculum designed to foster well-rounded business leaders through hands-on learning in a variety of disciplines. Business students will build a foundation in six different areas of study, which prepares our graduates to be adaptable, collaborative leaders that are ready for today’s market. This course sequence is comprised of:

  • ACCT 101: Principles of Accounting I: Financial
  • ACCT 102: Principles of Accounting II: Managerial
  • BADM 310: Business Law I
  • BADM 335: Business Analytics
  • BADM 405: Business Policy & Strategy
  • ECON 105: Macroeconomics
  • ECON 106: Microeconomics
  • ECON 406: Managerial Economics
  • FIN 280: Financial Management
  • MGMT 120: Principles of Management
  • MKTG 162: Principles of Marketing
  • STAT 135: Business Statistics I

The following programs are built upon the business core curriculum: 


The Accounting program prepared students to be well-versed in advanced theories, principles, and applications of financial accounting, including cost analysis, auditing and tax procedures. Students have the opportunity to pursue one of two tracks — one leading to the Certified Management Accountant exam and the other leading to Certified Public Accountant and/or Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exams. 

Business Economics

The Business Economics program students a solid groundwork in economic fundamentals, along with training in the functional areas of business, such as finance, accounting, marketing, and management. Graduates are prepared for jobs in banking, consulting, investment and brokerage houses, sales and marketing, as well as financial analysts, risk management analysts, or forecasters.


The Finance program is designed to teach business basics and the language of business through core courses, while also honing in on specific topics such as tax accounting, financial institutions and markets, investing, and financial planning. This program is a CFP Board Registered Program that satisfies the education coursework requirement enabling graduates to take the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Exam.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management program provides graduates the skills, knowledge, and understanding of human resource functions in the for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors of the workforce. From determining staffing needs, to recruitment and training, to keeping employee records, overseeing benefits, and managing compensation, HR managers play an integral role in any business. 

International Business

The International Business program ensures that graduates are prepared for management careers in international banking, manufacturing, trade, finance, and government organizations, as well as for entry into graduate or law schools. Students learn about the global environment of business and develop a strong cultural awareness, which are all essential skills for today's workforce leaders.


The Management program teaches aspiring leaders how to guide a business toward its goals, manage people, and allocate resources efficiently. Graduates of this program can find careers in a wide range of industries, including banking, consulting or health care. Seniors will be well-prepared for MBA programs, as well as enrolling in our Organizational Leadership graduate program.


The Marketing program provides experience in business administration, as well as the practical and theoretical background needed to address issues related to product development, distribution, pricing strategies, and promotion. Graduates pursue careers in fields like social media marketing, consumer insights and market research, advertising and branding, sales management, and global marketing.

Sport Business Management

The Sport Business Management program prepares students for careers in the athletics industry, providing preparation in the areas of planning, budgeting, managing, marketing, and leading organizations whose focus is on the sport industry. Our graduates pursue leadership roles in professional and amateur sports, sporting goods, news media, health and fitness clubs, and sport marketing firms.
The following Walker College business programs involve a course sequence that is distinct from the business core curriculum, but still integrate the well-rounded, hands-on approach that distinguish Mercyhurst business programs.

Fashion Merchandising

The Fashion Merchandising major couples a comprehensive, business-oriented curriculum with an in-depth exploration of the fashion industry. Courses including buying and selling, textiles, and visual merchandising promote creativity, global awareness, and industry expertise. Upon graduation, our students are prepared for fulfilling careers in fashion capitals across the globe.

Hospitality Management

The Statler Department of Hospitality Management provides a strong leadership foundation in hotel management, event management, and food and beverage management. With global internships, study abroad opportunities, and a large, active alumni network, our program boasts excellent career placement rates as it prepares students for dynamic careers around the world. 

Interior Architecture and Design

The Interior Architecture and Design program fosters creativity in designing innovative spaces for living and working. Students create environments that are both aesthetic and technologically sound. This multifaced major instills not only a strong foundation in art and construction, but also encompasses a variety of related fields including sustainability, marketing, management, history, and ethics.

Sport and Event Management

As the newest program in the Walker College of Business, the Sport and Event Management curriculum combines Sport Business Management and Hospitality Management coursework with the business core courses. This degree is designed to prepare graduates for careers in the growing fields of event management, sport event management, and facilities management.

Fast Facts

  • All senior business majors are required to take the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Major Field Test. Our students consistently rank in the top 5% of other business majors in this annual nation-wide test.   
  • Walker College students were recently recognized by the authors of the Business Strategy Game (BSG) Simulation for finishing in a tie for first overall for two consecutive weeks. Only 11 groups had a perfect score in the simulation over the past two reporting cycles, with Mercyhurst among them, out of nearly 5000 student groups competing from over 260 institutions worldwide. 
  • The Hospitality Management program has one of the strongest internship programs in the country, offering opportunities with industry-leading hotels, restaurants, and convention centers such as Omni and Marriott.
  • Business programs focus on developing “T-Shaped Professionals:” students who are well versed in a broad range of abilities and who possess mastery of a skill or process in a specific discipline.
  • Our fashion merchandising majors can spend their first three years in Erie and their final year in New York City to graduate with two degrees—a bachelor’s degree from Mercyhurst and an associate degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology.
  • A 10,000-square foot studio gives Interior Architecture and Design students 24/7 access to cutting-edge design software, a materials lab, drafting studio and resource library.
  • The 4+1 graduate program in Organizational Leadership allows students to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s in only five years by taking graduate-level courses as an undergraduate.
  • The Business Administration minor is open to non-business majors and includes eight courses (24 credits) designed to prepare students with general knowledge of the world of business, along with the communication skills and decision-making tools needed to succeed in business.


The mission of the Walker College of Business is to prepare students for leadership roles on the national and international level, to become the entrepreneurs of the future, and to continue their education in graduate and professional schools. With its collegial and supportive culture, the Walker College of Business embraces a rigorous and collaborative approach to learning that inspires informed judgment, decisive action and a global, enterprise perspective. The Walker College of Business graduates will embrace the Mercy mission’s core values of respect and tolerance for people and their ideas, and dignity in the treatment of all workers.  

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The Walker College of Business/Business Department at Mercyhurst University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11960 Quivira Road in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. For a list of accredited programs, view our IACBE member status page.

To view student achievement statistics, please review our Public Disclosure of Student Achievement.

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