Sport Business Management class

Sport Business Management

Bachelor of Arts

The business of sport is one of the largest industries in the United States. Today's sport business managers need to have skills in the areas of planning, budgeting, managing, marketing, and leading organizations whose focus is on the sport industry. The world of athletics resembles the world of an organization. To prepare students for this, our program puts special emphasis on collaboration and cooperation — students are a “team” and must be prepared to work together to achieve common goals for the success of the organization.

The curriculum of the sport business management major will prepare you for leadership roles in professional and amateur sports, school and college sports programs, the sporting goods industry, the sports news media, resorts, military and social agency sports programs, health and fitness clubs, and sport marketing and consulting firms. Alumni are currently working with major sports organizations including the New Orleans Saints, Anaheim Ducks, and Cleveland Guardians. 


    The minor in business administration is open to non-business majors only. This minor includes eight courses (24 credits) designed to prepare students with general knowledge of the world of business, along with the communication skills and decision-making tools needed to succeed in business.

    No minor course may be taken on a pass-fail basis, and students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the required business courses to meet minor program requirements.

    Minor Requirements

    • ACCT 101: Principles of Accounting I/Financial
    • ACCT 102: Principles of Accounting II/Managerial
    • BADM 310: Business Law I
    • ECON 105: Macroeconomics
    • ECON 106: Microeconomics
    • FIN 280: Financial Management
    • MGMT 120: Principles of Management
    • MKTG 162: Principles of Integrated Marketing

    Industry experts contend that sport is an influencing factor in our interpersonal relationships, our health and wellbeing, and even the choices we make as consumers. The interdisciplinary minor in Sport Studies is a 7-course, 21 credit minor that uniquely complements nearly every major at Mercyhurst. Students take a broad array of courses centered on sport, health and exercise from a variety of relevant fields. Offered by the departments of Psychology, Sports Medicine and Business. The minor is open to all students pursuing any major.

    • PSYC 235: Sport Psychology (3 credits)
    • SBM 100: Intro To Sport Industry (3 credits)
    • SBM 410: Sport In Society (3 credits)
    • SOC 108: Human Growth and Development (3 credits)

    Choose three (3) from the following:

    • FNUT 131: Introduction to Nutrition (3 credits)    
    • HIS 233: History of Sports in America (3 credits)
    • PSYC 225: Health Psychology (3 credits)
    • PSYC 231: Social Psychology (3 credits)
    • PSYC 236: Learning & Motivation (3 credits)
    • PSYC 281: Behavior Modification (3 credits)
    • PUBH 101: Foundations of Public Health (3 credits)
    • PUBH 109: Health Education (3 credits)
    • SPMD 155: Personal Health Science (3 credits)
    • SPMD 263: Nutrition for Health Professionals (3 credits)

Business Core Curriculum

The defining element of a Mercyhurst business degree is a series of core courses that all business majors take, which provide a curriculum designed to foster well-rounded business leaders through hands-on learning in a variety of disciplines. Business students will build a foundation in six different areas of study, which prepares our graduates to be adaptable, collaborative leaders that are ready for today’s market. Adding a double major or a minor in another area can only also add marketability for any chosen industry!