You can give back to Mercyhurst by providing internship opportunities to current students!

Internship opportunities offered through alumni employers allow our students to gain valuable experience that they can highlight to potential employers during future job searches.

Think back to your time at Mercyhurst. Did your internship have a significant impact on where you are today? If you passed on the opportunity, do you look back now with some regret? Mercyhurst has renewed our commitment to students completing internships. A major focus of this initiative is to have our alumni host our current students. We are so proud of our alumni and the successes they have achieved - we hope you are willing to share it!

A recent survey of over 50,000 employers by the Chronicle of Higher Education indicated that “An internship is the single most important credential for recent college graduates to have on their resume in their job search among all industry segments.”

Internship experiences are sought after across all curriculum's offered here at Mercyhurst and are unique to each student's interest and future goals. If you’d like to be part of our program, please fill out the form below.

If you have additional questions, please contact Director of Career Development, Heather Balas at hbalas@mercyhurst.edu or 814-824-2078. 

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