Seniors can support the class gift in multiple ways:
-Upcoming events (be sure to check social media and emails for information on events)
-A one-time gift (using the button below)
-A monthly gift (i.e. giving $8.34 a month will total a $100 gift in a year using the button below)

Questions? Interested in joining the committee? Please contact Marina Boyle at for more information!

Monthly giving note: if you join the monthly giving program to become a LOYAL LAKER (please click the button above), by giving $8.34 a month, that will total $100 over the course of a year. Benefits will be given to LOYAL LAKERS such as a FREE t-shirt for the end of the year bar crawl as well as philanthropy cords to wear at graduation (this is given to anyone who makes a gift of $100 or more by May 9).