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A Nationally-Ranked Institution With Over 100 Areas of Study

While our academic offerings rival those of larger institutions, our commitment to exceptional faculty and student-centered education has preserved our community identity as an applied liberal arts university in the Mercy tradition.

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Academic Advising and Support

    From the moment you enroll at Mercyhurst, you’ll work closely with your assigned Faculty Advisor and your Academic Counselor. These two individuals will serve as mentors and resources during your time here, assisting you with course registration and academic progress, while also working with you on any academic or personal issues you might encounter.

    College is all about discovery, and your first year at Mercyhurst is a chance to explore the academic paths before you. From day one at Mercyhurst, you will nurture your passions and discover new ones, all while building practical skills. As a student in our exploratory studies program, you’ll also work with an academic counselor during this discovery process and receive invitations to the annual Majors and Minors Fair every October.

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