Mercyhurst University understands that student success is essential for a strong campus community, and success is best achieved when students have access to the resources that support academic growth and opportunity. Academic Services and Support creates a “one-stop shop” for students to help them achieve their academic and career goals. 

The areas that constitute Academic Services and Support are: 


The Office of Academic Support offers professional advising and academic support for all students. Academic Support Counselors work with students in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Our professional staff partner with students and faculty to enhance the academic experience and our office is committed to collaborative engagement within the campus community to improve student success, persistence, and retention. 


The Office of Academic Support is the “go to” office for students and faculty at Mercyhurst University. Mercyhurst has a unique dual advising system. Each student is assigned an Academic Counselor as well as a Faculty Advisor. Academic Counselors provide students with general advising guidance related to their academic career. Faculty Advisors are faculty in the students’ major who advise on curricular matters. Faculty Advisors assist students in understanding major requirements, approve them for registration, and serve as mentors in their field. Academic Counselors work with students, faculty, and university administrators to ensure a positive experience for all members of our community.  

Academic Counselors are available on the first floor of Egan Hall and can assist students with most issues they may encounter, such as: 

  • Providing general academic guidance and academic advising 
  • Implementing academic success strategies and plans 
  • Navigating the college environment 
  • Exploring interest areas and majors 
  • Finding a peer tutor 
  • Understanding the REACH liberal arts curriculum 
  • Addressing academic performance concerns 
  • Clarifying academic procedures and policies 
  • Connecting with other campus resources 

Exploratory Studies

Choosing a major might be daunting and students are sometimes unsure where to even begin. Academic Support is available to guide students who come to Mercyhurst as an undeclared major (Exploratory Studies) or who are considering changing their current major. The Academic Support team utilizes personality and interest inventories to help students to examine their values, interests, and skills more closely. Students are also strongly encouraged to attend the annual Majors & Minors Fair to learn more about Mercyhurst’s undergraduate majors. Students who start their academic career as an undeclared major should plan to declare a major by the end of the fall semester of their sophomore year. Students who come to Mercyhurst with a declared major but want to explore other options should connect with an academic counselor to begin the process. 

Students who participate in the Exploratory Studies program their first year will work closely with their academic counselor to explore major options and stay on track for graduation.

Academic Advantage Program

The Academic Advantage Program is a structured, inclusive academic program designed to help with the transition to college while fostering skills that encourage academic success and career readiness. Students participating in the program receive consistent one-on-one support from a professional Academic Counselor throughout their enrollment and design an individualized academic plan based on their strengths, abilities, and interests. These weekly sessions help students acquire more effective and efficient study skills, promote self-awareness, and foster independence to increase academic achievement. The Academic Advantage Program is a fee-based service and available to all majors and college years. The cost for the 2021-2022 academic year is $1,420 per semester.

Enrollment Process: To enroll in the Academic Advantage Program, please complete this online form. This form should only be submitted once a student has committed  to enrolling at Mercyhurst. Please submit at least 30 days prior to the term bill due date to ensure timely processing.  

The Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center offers one-on-one or small group tutoring in most subject areas.  Enrolled students may be tutored for 3 hours per week/per course.  Peer tutors are students who have earned a “B” grade or better in the class for which they tutor and are often recommended by the faculty. Tutoring is offered to enrolled students free of charge.  

Students seeking tutoring should visit the Tutoring Center Hub for information about scheduling an appointment or how to request a tutor for a course. Students can also visit the Tutoring Services Desk located on the main floor of the library.

For more information regarding the Tutoring Center, please email

The Writing Center

The Writing Center assists undergraduate and graduate student writers at any stage of the writing process, including:

  • Analyzing and understanding the assignment
  • Proofreading a rough draft
  • Revising and editing a developed or final draft
  • Following academic style and citation methods
  • Understanding different writing genres (e.g., lab reports, presentations)
  • Working through student-specific questions and challenges related to writing

Students may bring any project to the Writing Center, such as personal essays, research papers, résumés, business letters, or lab reports. The Center’s experienced writing consultants work with writers interactively and individually in a friendly and supportive environment. The consultants come from a variety of majors, have performed highly in their own writing courses, have been recommended by faculty, and are hired and supervised by the Center’s director.  
Students can book an in-person appointment with a consultant via WCOnline, our online scheduling system. Appointments are held in the Writing Center located on the main floor of the Hammermill Library. Students taking all online courses can book a face-to-face remote appointment or submit their writing for an Online Document Review through WCOnline. Visit the Writing Center Hub for details on how to make an appointment. 

For more information regarding the Writing Center, please email:​​​​​​​