"Do you know what a foreign accent is? It's a sign of bravery."—Amy Chua

We welcome brave students who want to experience the world in another language, challenging themselves to explore new ideas and forge lasting relationships with their global neighbors. Majoring in Spanish allows you to immerse yourself in Hispanic language, literature and culture while developing strong analytical thinking and communication skills. The Spanish Education major offers the opportunity to combine these skills with the coursework and practicum experiences necessary to earn a teaching certificate in Pennsylvania. In both majors, you’ll find countless opportunities to sharpen your language skills and challenge your cultural assumptions while experiencing the world from a different vantage point.

Entrance into the major is determined by the successful completion of the Introduction and Intermediate sequence or by the demonstration of equivalent skills on the CLEP, A.P., International Baccalaureate examinations.

Fast Facts

  • We strongly encourage students to study abroad, and work with each student to find the program that will make this possible

  • Mercyhurst’s diverse international student body and faculty ensure that Spanish students can practice the language in real-world settings without leaving campus

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish pairs well with many other degree programs for a double major

  • Studying a foreign language is excellent preparation for careers in many different fields, such as business, education, human services, government or international relations, as well as graduate school

Learning Outcomes

  • Speak and understand Spanish at the Intermediate High level or better as detailed in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines
  • Read and write in Spanish at the Intermediate High level or better as detailed in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines
  • Demonstrate cultural proficiency in cultures that use Spanish
  • Discuss in both spoken and written Spanish, literary and visual texts or cultural artifacts of the target culture
  • Conduct and produce research in Spanish
  • Demonstrate understanding of second-language acquisition and the history of foreign-language


Take advantage of opportunities to serve the global community through travel to places like the Mission of Friendship in Mérida, Mexico, or through work with local immigrant populations.


Our diverse study abroad options allow students to experience the vivid culture of Spain or Latin America while completing their degrees in Spanish or Spanish Education.


Many alumni have pursued graduate degrees at prestigious universities, including University of Illinois, Indiana University, American University, Middlebury College, and Universidad Alcalá de Henares in Madrid, Spain.

Mercyhurst is very fortunate to participate each year in the Fulbright Teaching Assistant program. The program brings young professionals to the U.S. to share their linguistic and cultural expertise by teaching courses, offering conversation groups, and enriching our students' understanding of the areas they are studying.

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Chair, Department of World Languages and Cultures
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