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In today’s interconnected world, fluency in other languages can increase career prospects and open up other opportunities. Mercyhurst’s Russian Studies major encourages the development of strong critical thinking and communication skills through immersion in Russian language and grammar, literature, culture and history. The working relationships Mercyhurst has developed with several study abroad programs also offer students the opportunity to earn credits abroad in a variety of formats, so we encourage all of our Russian studies majors to spend some time abroad.

Entrance into the major is determined by the successful completion of the Introduction and Intermediate sequence or by the demonstration of equivalent skills on the CLEP, A.P., International Baccalaureate examinations.

Fast Facts

  • Mercyhurst’s Russian Studies grads work in range of fields, including government agencies, business, insurance, and international travel

  • One of our highest honors is induction into Phi Sigma Iota, the international honors society for the study of foreign languages and cultures. Students are nominated in their junior or senior year and inducted at an annual spring dinner

  • Our Russian Studies program is flexible enough so that students can pursue a double major or pair it with other minors

Learning Outcomes

  • Listen and speak about concrete and abstract topics and narrate events in Russian
  • Prepare and present academic and professional research in Russian
  • Read and comprehend texts in Russian from literature and journalism, as well as academic and professional sources 
  • Write narrative, expository, and argumentative essays in Russian
  • Discuss Russian culture in the context of history, politics, geography, and current affairs
  • Identify major trends in Russian culture, politics, history, and religion
  • Analyze Russian literary texts, films, and other cultural products for structure and style

Mercyhurst is very fortunate to participate each year in the Fulbright Teaching Assistant program. The program brings young professionals to the U.S. to share their linguistic and cultural expertise by teaching courses, offering conversation groups, and enriching our students' understanding of the areas they are studying.

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