If creating uniquely inspiring and purposeful spaces where people can live, work and play is your passion, the interior architecture and design program at Mercyhurst University is your answer. A professional interior designer strives to create hospitality environments where we can experience relaxation and enjoyment, educational environments where we can learn and grow, healthcare environments where we can heal, and work environments in which we can be safe and productive. It’s about blending form and function – beauty and purpose. Are you up to the challenge? All students are supervised through an internship/cooperative education experience to build up their portfolio in a real-world professional setting. Students receive hands-on experiences working on community building and design projects and are networked with professionals from the design world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will have a global view of their responsibility as stewards of natural resources and the impact of design decisions within the parameters of ecological, socio-economic, and cultural contexts. (University Core Values: Globally Responsible and Reflectively Aware)
  • Students will understand and address human needs (social, economic, political, psychological, and physiological) in the applied practice of interior design. (University Core Values: Socially Merciful and Compassionately Hospitable)
  • Students will respond with creative problem-solving by exploring complex problems and generating creative solutions that optimize the human experience within the interior environment. (University Core Value: Intellectually Creative)
  • Students will engage in multi-disciplinary collaboration. (University Core Values: generally all)
  • Students will effectively communicate visually, orally and in the written word using appropriate techniques and technologies.
  • Students will understand and adopt accepted standards of business and organizational practices with commitment to the highest levels of professional standards and ethics and will demonstrate a willingness to advance not only themselves but the profession of interior design as a whole. (University Core Value: Ambassadors of Service)
  • Students will develop a strong sense of the theoretical basis of art and design and will use historical and cultural context and precedence to enhance design decisions. (University Core Values: generally all)

State Authorization

This program may fulfill a portion of the requirements leading to licensure within this field. Please visit the State Authorization webpage to review the requirements for licensure by state or program.


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