Mercyhurst University is a residential campus, which means all undergraduate students are required to live on campus through their senior year*. Living in a residence hall, apartment, or townhouse-style residence on the Mercyhurst campus gives you a head-start on your path to success as a Laker.

When we say “Carpe Diem,” we mean to seize the entire day, including your time in our residence halls. Whether you’re composing an essay at your desk, enjoying a movie night with your RA, hosting a late-night discussion with your roommates, or gearing up for an athletic event, every experience on campus will be an opportunity for you to learn and grow. 

On-campus residency assists you in your quest for success, as studies have shown that students who live on campus get better grades and are more likely to graduate in four years. While living on campus, you will develop friendships and get to know people who live next door, down the hall, on the floor below, and anywhere else your fellow classmates may live. 

*Students who live within Erie County, Pennsylvania, may live at home and may be designated a commuter if they reside with a parent or guardian within the county. In rare cases, exemptions to the residency requirement may be granted, including those who are married, over the age of 26, or approved due to an accessibility accommodation (ADA). Please review the "Residency Requirements and Off-Campus Living Exemptions" section below for details. 

Campus Housing 

Whether you are in one of our three freshman residence halls — Baldwin, McAuley, and Warde — in our newest residence hall, the $25 million suite-style Ryan Hall, or an apartment or townhouse, on-campus living has plenty of perks and serves as an opportunity to grow within a community while also enjoying all that the collegiate experience has to offer. Every student living on campus is equipped with their own desk, chair, bed, dresser, access Wi-Fi, and free laundry facilities. Housing rates for the 2023-2024 academic year are as follows:

Residence Hall Cost Per Semester
Briggs/Lewis Apartments (4 Person)
Baldwin Hall (2 Person)
McAuley Hall (2 Person)
Duval Apartments (4 Person)
Warde Townhouses (6 Person)
Ryan Hall (4 Person)
Warde Hall (2 Person)
Mercy Apartments (AIM, 2 Person)
Wayne Street Apartments (4 Person)
41st Street Townhouses (4 or 5 Person)
Lewis Avenue Townhouses (6 Person)

Meal Plans 

Nutrition, satisfaction, and convenience are all top priorities of the unparalleled dining experience provided by Mercyhurst Dining facilities. Freshman and sophomores are required to have the Laker Unlimited Plan, which gives them anytime access to Grotto Commons and the 501 Grille. Junior and seniors have the choice of the Hurst Unlimited Plan (anytime access), the Green Plan (225 meals per semester), or the Blue Plan (150 meals per semester). Meal plan rates for the 2023-2024 academic year are as follows:

Meal Plans Meals Per Semester Cost Per Semester
Blue Plan (Juniors/Seniors)
150 $1,950
Green Plan (Juniors/Seniors) 225 $2,550
Hurst Unlimited (Juniors/Seniors) Unlimited $3,460
Laker Unlimited (Freshmen/Sophomores) Unlimited $3,460

Contact Us

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Office: Egan 323
Phone: 814-824-2422