University Mission Statement

Consistent with its Catholic identity and Mercy heritage, Mercyhurst University educates women and men in a culture where faith and reason flourish together, where the beauty and power of the liberal arts combine with an appreciation for the dignity of work and a commitment to serving others. Confident in the strength of its student-faculty bonds, the university community is inspired by the image of students whose choices, in life and work, will enable them to realize the human and spiritual values embedded in everyday realities and to exercise leadership in service toward a just world. 

Our Mission

Pride. Service. Leadership. Education. 

These are the developmental components the Office of Residence Life & Student Conduct at Mercyhurst University actively promotes and embodies. We provide a co-curricular experience, resulting in increased bonds, values, multicultural appreciation and meaningful interactions with fellow classmates and student leaders. We encourage students to be active members of their residential experience while maintaining acceptable standards of behavior. We hold students accountable for respecting the rights, privileges, and properties of all members of the campus community through an educational student conduct process. Students leave our residential experience well prepared to enter the world beyond the gates with the skills necessary to be contributing members of an ever-evolving society.

Student Conduct Board

The Conduct Board reviews appeal requests in which the original decision involved severe sanctions, such as expulsion, suspension, removal from University Housing, etc. The Conduct Board is directed by a permanent chairperson and is typically composed of two students, two faculty members, and two administrators each selected from a pool of appointees. Students on the Conduct Board may not be members of the Residence Life Staff. The chairperson is appointed by the Vice President for Student Life and does not vote except to break a tie.

Information about the regular appeals process where 2 ADs and 1 HD review an appeal request within 7 days of your case being heard can be found on this website by clicking on the STUDENTS tab, then FAQs, and then clicking on the heading “What if I do not agree with the sanction(s) I am issued or charge(s) I am found responsible for?"

Contact Us

Office of Residence Life and Student Conduct
501 East 38th Street
Erie, PA 16546
Office: Egan 323
Phone: 814-824-2422

Ashley McCartney
Associate Director, Residence Life and Student Conduct
Sidney Rice
Associate Director, Residence Life and Student Conduct