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Alumni - Endowment

Mercyhurst’s endowment supports the people, programs, and facilities of the university in perpetuity. Through investment earnings and charitable gifts, Mercyhurst seeks to grow its endowment to support scholarships for students, professorships, and other opportunities to develop excellent faculty, new initiatives, and maintenance of outstanding facilities.

The university’s unrestricted endowment generates vital funding for operations, enabling Mercyhurst to respond to important needs as they arise.

Endowed funds provide a lasting source of support for the university and are held in perpetuity. Mercyhurst invests the initial gift and spends only a portion of the average annual investment return. The remaining income is added to the principal as protection against the eroding consequences of inflation. Thus, the benefactor who makes an endowment gift today may be confident that it will grow and continue to support its intended purpose far into the future.

For more information, please contact the Director of Special Projects and Initiatives, Lindsay Frank, at 814-824-2330 and lfrank@mercyhurst.edu.