Mercyhurst University knows autism. Whether through unique and specialized coursework, extensive practical experiences, or innovative service delivery in the field, Mercyhurst has forged a track record of expertise in autism. This expertise has allowed us to provide top-level training for the professionals of today and tomorrow. Our program graduates have become some of the most highly regarded educators and behavior analysts in the region and beyond working with students with autism. To solidify our reputation as experts in education for this population, the University's Education Department has become the first program in Northwestern Pennsylvania approved to offer an Autism Endorsement from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to any teacher or other education professional who holds a current Level I or Level II certificate.

Course Requirements

  • EDSP 540 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • EDSP 541 Instructional Assessment and Methods: ASD
  • EDSP 501 Behavior Management: Intro to ABA and Behavior Change
  • EDSP 504 Behavior Management: Intro to ABA and Behavior Change Clinical

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for those who wish to complete the course sequence without enrolling in the MSPED program have not been finalized. However, basic requirements will include a bachelor's degree in special education or closely related field, a 3.0, and relevant work experience.

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