Mercyhurst North East seeks to provide quality, affordable two-year college education, combining the strong foundations of an applied liberal arts education with the professional training and career-path programs. For information about academics at our main campus in Erie, click here.

More than 20 associate degree and certificate programs are offered through Mercyhurst North East. Depending on your long-term education and career goals, both instructional-focused programs and career-focused programs are available. The former prepare you with valuable foundational skills and provide a convenient and achievable start to a bachelor’s degree, while the latter are ideal if you’re looking to begin a rewarding, in-demand profession.

Unlike many other two-year schools, we pride ourselves on the complete college experience and the individualized support and attention available here, from the team of experienced academic success coaches and tutors on campus to our career services office, ready to connect a student with an internship or career. Our campus is committed to providing quality instruction and support services that allow students to succeed academically and ultimately graduate with a meaningful degree. 

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