Employers value the liberal arts.

In recent years, the rising costs of higher education nationwide, coupled with declining federal and state support for higher education, have been the subject of considerable debate in media and society. At times, this debate has led to considerable confusion about the value of a college education and, more importantly, the value of a liberal arts education. Mercyhurst University curriculum is grounded in the liberal arts.  Why does that matter? Consider some of the many differences in student outcomes for attendees of liberal arts institutions versus student attending a regional or research public university.

A recent survey of employers found that 80% of them want employees with a broad knowledge base, exactly the type of education that liberal arts education fosters. Liberal arts emphasis on critical thinking and inquiry, strong communication skills, and education across a range of disciplines creates exceptional future employees whose skills are in-demand. 93% of employers think these skills (critical thinking, clear communication, and ability to solve complex problems) are better signals of ability than a student's choice of major.


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