dyan jones
Dean, Zurn College of Natural and Health Sciences
Egan 126

Dr. Dyan Jones received her Ph.D. in physics from Kansas State University in 2009, where she studied how students learn and use their physics knowledge in novel contexts. She earned her M.S. in physics from Miami University with studies in theoretical quantum optics, and her Bachelors in theoretical physics from Edinboro University.

Dr. Jones teaches General Physics I/II, various physics labs, and upper-division physics courses.

Dr. Jones enjoys cooking and exploring the expanding Erie cuisine, coffee and culture, as well as quilting. When she’s not in Zurn with her students, Dr. Jones can be found on hiking trails near and far and hanging out with her little hound, Laika.

Dr. Jones’s research is in physics education. This research is a blend of traditional physics, cognitive science, psychology, learning sciences, and education. In particular, Dr. Jones focuses on how students transfer knowledge to novel contexts and focuses on a knowledge-in-pieces approach. In particular, her current emphases are optics and students use of mathematical reasoning in physics. 

Current and past research students:

  • Shauna Novobilsky (2014) - Optical microscopy
  • Kaleigh Hubert (2013) - development of an introductory biology (ecology and evolution) concept test
  • Reni Roseman (undergrad 2011, M.Ed.2012) - middle school lunar concepts, development of a general chemistry concept test

Recent publications and presentations:

  • “Understanding Vision: Student use of light and optics resources.”  Dyan L. Jones and Dean A. Zollman.  European Journal of Physics.  35 (2014) 055023.
  • “Students’ Views of Math and Physics Problems: Structure vs. Content.”  Dyan L. Jones.  Proceedings of the 2013 Physics Education Research Conference, July 17-19 2013, Portland, Oregon.
  • “Optical microscopy as a context to facilitate learning in interdisciplinary students.”  Dyan L. Jones, Shauna Novobilsky, and Rebecca Wheeling.  Contributed poster, PERC, July 30-31, Minneapolis MN.
  • “A New Approach to Optics for Life Science Majors.”  Shauna Novobilsky and Dyan L. Jones. Contributed talk, AAPT, January 4-7 2014, Orlando Florida.
  • “Teaching about the physics of medical imaging: Examples of research-based teaching materials.”  Dean Zollman, Dyan McBride-Jones, Sytil Murphy, Johannes v.d. Wirjawan, Nora Norvell.  Latin American Journal of Physics Education6, (Supplement 1), 2012. 
  •  “Utilization of Hands-On and Simulation Activities for Teaching Middle School Lunar Concepts.”  Reni B. Roseman and Dyan L. Jones.  Proceedings of the 2012 Physics Education Research Conference, August 1-2 2012, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.