At Mercyhurst University, you can enhance your experience beyond the classroom through Recognized Student Clubs/Organizations (RSCOs). Clubs and organizations offer activities designed for fun and camaraderie and are great ways to meet other students who share common interests. Getting involved on campus is also a unique way to develop leadership skills and is an excellent resume builder for that first job after graduation.

The purpose of Hurst Volleyball is to bring together students from all different backgrounds to play friendly (and sometimes competitive) volleyball.

Advisor: Bethany Woods

The purpose of P.U.C.K shall be to create an environment that allows students interested in playing semi-competitive ice hockey with their friends a chance to thrive. Our prime objective is to promote exercise and social growth through small non-contact games of ice hockey. We aim to create a social environment that is inviting as well as engaging to all those who participate.

Advisor: Thomas McKinnon

The mission of the Pathfinders Club is to project a positive image of the Army ROTC program that is offered at Mercyhurst University through Gannon University. The club’s goal is to support the college values and the Army’s values. It is important to always properly represent the Army, the ROTC program, and Mercyhurst University at all times, both on and off campus.

Advisor: Sergio Franco

The purpose of the College Democrats of Mercyhurst University shall be to educate and mobilize young voters on the electoral process, partake in events in support of democrats, and influence the ideals of the Democratic Party. Additionally, the organization shall advocate for progressive ideas, and lead the next generation of progressive voters.