Mercyhurst's eBilling system offers you and your family a safe means of receiving electronic account statements and secure methods of making web-based payments. The eBill system provides you 24/7 access to your account statements, as well as the ability to enroll your parents, grandparents, spouse, or any alternate payer to log into your eBill and make payments on your behalf. The web-based system itemizes tuition, fees and financial aid amounts on a secure website.

  • Automatic e-mail notification sent to you and your authorized users when new bills are issued
  • Current and past billing statements will show tuition/fees along with your pending financial aid
  • You can pay by electronic check or credit card (account information is encrypted for your security)
  • Ability to review your new account activity
  • Review previous bills and payment history online

Step # 1 — Student Login

Log in to your Mercyhurst student Hub. You were sent login and password information to access the Hub via your Mercyhurst email.  Once logged in, click on the eBill icon. You will be taken to your eBill summary page which provides a summary of your academic year statements and current balance. Included on the summary page are links to manage a payment plan or to make a one time payment.

The system also includes tabbed navigation along the top of the page that can quickly guide a user to their semester statements or payment plan information.

Your may register a parent, guardian, spouse, grandparent, employer or any authorized payer by clicking on the “Manage Account Access” under the Share Account Access section on the bottom right side of the page. You are asked to confirm the authorized user’s email account. The authorized user then receives an e-mail notification from eBill. At no point do authorized users have access to your Hub. Only payment plan, billing statements and the ability to make a payment will be accessible.

Once accepted, parents or guests who you have been granted shared access will be able to access the eBill directly.

Step # 2 — View Your eBill

View transactions that have occurred since your last billing statement by clicking on the Statement tab. Click on the first statement listed for the most up to date information.  After clicking on an individual statement, you may click the "View Your Bill" button to see the itemized statement.  You may view any of the available statements listed by following the same process. You may print any of the available statements.

Step # 3 — Payment Options

Anyone can make a payment on the student's behalf by going to and making a one time payment. The students ID number will be required. Payments may also be made through the eBill site by individuals who have been granted shared access. Electronic payments can be made by clicking on the "One Time Payment" section on the Summary tab or by clicking  the "Make a One Time Payment" button while on the statement tab. During the payment process, you will be presented a statement amount and account balance. 

To view past payments posted on the student's account, go to the "Statement" tab and click on any of the statements for a history of your charges and credits for the semester.

Payment Plans

NelNet/TMS is our partner that services all payment plans. To enroll in a payment plan, please visit your eBill site or call 1-800-339-8062.

Past Due Balances

Business Office Holds

Students can be subject to a ‘Business Office’ hold if their student account meets one of the following criteria:

  • They owe a balance for any semester prior to the current term.
  • Their payment plan for the current semester is inactive or is repeatedly missing payments.
  • They have a remaining balance on the current semester after the drop/add period.

A ‘Business Office' hold has the following effects:

  • Prevents students from registering for and dropping classes
  • Prevents students from receiving/viewing transcripts
  • Prevents students from receiving/viewing grades

A ‘Business Office' hold can be removed by completing the following:

  • By paying off the outstanding balance in full
    • If the payment has posted to your student account and the hold is still on please contact the Student Financial Services Office to have it removed.
    • If paying the balance by check, there will be a seven day hold for the check to clear before the ‘Business Office’ hold can be removed.