Billing and Payment Options

Mercyhurst's eBilling system offers you and your family a safe means of receiving electronic account statements and secure methods of making web-based payments. The eBill system provides you 24/7 access to your account statements, as well as the ability to authorize party access to your parents, grandparents, spouse, or any alternate payer to log into your eBill and make payments on your behalf. The web-based system itemizes tuition, fees and financial aid amounts on a secure website.

  • Automatic e-mail notification sent to you and your authorized users when new bills are issued
  • Current and past billing statements will show tuition/fees along with your pending financial aid
  • You can pay by electronic check or credit card or wire (account information is encrypted for your security)
  • Ability to review your new account activity
  • Review previous bills and payment history online

Step # 1 — Student Login

Log in to your Mercyhurst student Hub. You were sent login and password information to access the Hub via your Mercyhurst email.  Once logged in, click on the eBill icon. The first time that you log into your eBill, you will asked to set up your account. Once completed, you will be taken to your eBill home page which provides your real time account balance for the current semester. Included on the home page are links to the following:

  • Make a Payment 
  • View Current Statement
  • Transaction Details
  • Set Up a Payment Plan

If you want to allow a friend or family member to pay toward your balance, you can add an authorized party by clicking on the link provided in the section on the right while on the eBill home screen and follow the prompts. The authorized party then receives an e-mail notification from your Nelnet eBill. At no point do authorized parties have access to your Hub. Only account balance, payment plan, billing statements and the ability to make a payment will be accessible.

Once accepted, parents or guests who you have been granted authorized party access will be able to navigate to the eBill directly.

Step # 2 — View Your eBill

The Account Balance displays your current, real-time balance for the current semester. This will be the amount due by the semester bill due date and can be paid by clicking on the Make a Payment button. Credit balances on your account are displayed with a negative sign proceeding the amount in this field. Credit balances are refunded to the student after the published Add/Drop period each semester.

The View Current Statement link will enable you to view/print the most recent itemized statement that was uploaded to your eBill website. If the amount on your statement differs from the Account Balance on the eBill home page, this means that a change to your account has occurred since the statement date listed at the top righthand corner of the current statement. New statements are uploaded to the eBill periodically.

Step # 3 — Payment Options

Anyone can make a payment on the student's behalf. If paying by cash, check or money order. These can be made in person in the Student Financial Services office in 115 Old Main on the Mercyhurst University Erie campus or mailed to the address below:

Mercyhurst Student Financial Services
501 East 38th Street
Erie, PA 16546

Credit card, e-check and international wire payments can be made through the eBill, once the student grants Authorized Party access to the payer.

Payment Plans

In lieu of paying the student bill in full, a student or family member with authorized access can sign up for a payment plan (partial payments made in intervals) through our partner, Nelnet Campus Commerce.  Enrollment in a plan should occur before the bill due date. The payment plan makes financial obligations easier to manage by dividing the semester balance into interest-free installments. Monthly plans include a five-month, four-month, or three-month plan. The Nelnet Payment Plan is available on the eBill to all registered students and authorized parties for the both the fall and spring semesters. There is a non-refundable fee for participating in the Nelnet Payment Plan. To enroll, click on the “Set Up a Payment Plan” button on your eBill.