A minor that complements your major.

If you like options, you came to the right place. With over 60 minors available, you’re sure to find the perfect minor to accompany your major. While minors aren’t mandatory to fulfill credit hour requirements, many students find that a minor area of specialization adds considerably to the overall college experience.

Take advantage of the freedom of a liberal arts curriculum by pushing the boundaries of your academic interests. You can add a minor that enhances your major area of study, or pursue a different field simply because you’d like to learn more about it!  Don’t see a minor you like? Mercyhurst allows you to develop a minor program — with the help and approval of at least two full-time faculty members — by combining courses from several disciplines. This is especially helpful if you wish to supplement your major with a minor that prepares you for a specific career path.

Full minor course requirements can be found in the course catalog.