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Asian Studies


Acquire expertise in one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and the third most common language in the U.S. while developing an understanding of this rich and diverse culture. A minor in Asian Studies will prepare you to work in and with Sinophone areas of the world or for graduate study in East Asia-related fields. Graduates may work in government service, NGOs, cyber security, international business, or education.

An Asian Studies minor requires four courses in Mandarin with four courses in Asian history, culture, religion, and political science.

The Asian Studies minor requires eight courses, with four required courses and four electives. The courses are:

Asian Studies instructor teaching two female students the language while sitting down at a table

Course Requirements

  • CHNS 101: Intro to Mandarin I (3 Credits)
  • CHNS 102: Intro to Mandarin II (3 Credits)
  • CHNS 203: Intro to Mandarin I (3 Credits)
  • CHNS 204: Intermediate Mandarin II (3 Credits)
  • ASIA 125: Asian Cultures (3 Credits)
  • ASIA 127: China/India: Two Giants in Asia (3 Credits)
  • ASIA 135: Food, Thought, and Art (3 Credits)
  • RLST 207: Buddhism (3 Credits)
  • POLI 241: Comparative Politics: Asia (3 Credits)

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate communicative proficiency in Mandarin at the Intermediate level, orally, and in writing.
  • Discuss and analyze data and events related to Asian countries from a more comprehensive perspective.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the geography, history, society, and politics of the Asian world.
  • Display cultural competency and understanding of the peoples, cultures, and value systems in Asia.