Mercyhurst launches new net price calculator

financial aid web headerAs part of the university’s commitment to affordability and price transparency, Mercyhurst is announcing the launch of a new and improved net price calculator, along with a new Financial Aid and Affordability webpage, both designed to be highly informative for prospective students and families. Developed by Columbia University graduates, this Meadow calculator enables users to receive a personalized and accurate price estimate in under 5 minutes.

Dionne Veitch, vice president for enrollment at Mercyhurst, emphasized the impact that the calculator will have in making understanding financial aid easier for those in the college search process. “When prospective students and families see our sticker price, they often believe that they cannot afford to attend Mercyhurst. However, this net price calculator serves as a tool to show just how affordable and accessible our generous scholarships and financial aid make a Laker education.“

Meadow co-founder Alfredo Brillembourg says the goal is to clarify and simplify the student financial experience as a whole. “As recent graduates ourselves, we realize that the finances of higher education are as complicated and cumbersome as they are expensive, and that complexity poses an equal barrier to access for students,” Brillembourg said.

With its ease of use, the platform calculates how much financial aid a specific student would receive, how much they would need to pay out of pocket, and helps them explore the different ways they can cover that cost. Cost can be viewed on a monthly, annual or total degree period. It also provides information about scholarship availability, student loans and other financial aid options available to assist in paying for school.