Portrait image of Robin Mascharka
Robin Mascharka

Outreach Coordinator

Contact Information

PHONE: 814-824-2186

Robin A. Mascharka, Outreach Coordinator, received her Bachelor of Science in Business and Behavioral Science from Pennsylvania State University and her Master of Science in Special Education from Mercyhurst University. Prior to joining the Civic Institute, Robin worked in areas of business and higher education.  As Outreach Coordinator, Robin works alongside the Civic Institute in connecting the department with the surrounding community.  She is responsible for relationships and communication with project partners, other community stakeholders, university faculty and administration.  Robin is a key contact for UnifiedErie, A violence Reduction Initiative. UnifiedErie is invested in bringing neighborhoods, families, and businesses together to create a strong community.  Her role is instrumental in implementing the Community Action Plan. The Community Action Plan is the written prevention plan that makes up the Prevention prong of UnifiedErie. The plan was developed by the Erie County Policy and Planning Council for Children and Families and was created using the Communities That Care model for prevention.  The Erie County Community Action Plan consists of strategies addressing the top risk factors and protective factors that have been identified through research using the Pennsylvania Youth Survey and other available data within the Erie County community.