mike foulk
Associate Professor
Zurn 109A

Bachelor’s Institution and degree: Augustana College, B.A.

Doctorate Institution and degree: Brown University, Ph.D.

List of Courses taught in past 5 years:

  • BIO 142/143: Cell and Molecular Biology/Lab
  • BIO 310/311: Genetics/Lab
  • BIO 390: A Practical Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • BIO 430: Molecular Biology

Brief Research Description:

My research focuses on the unique biology of the fungus fly, Sciara coprophila. This fly model system exhibits several unique and interesting biological phenomema that merit further investigation, such as: chromosome elimination, monopolar meiotic spindles, nondisjunction of the X dyad during male meiosis, chromosome imprinting,  a unique sex determination mechanism and developmentally regulated locus specific gene amplification. The recent sequencing and assembly of a draft Sciara genome has the potential to greatly assist research into these biological traits. Students in my lab are using fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) to localize the largest assembled contigs on the spectacular salivary gland giant polytene chromosomes. In addition, we are hand annotating genes in the Sciara geneome using bioinformatics tools.