mary ann owoc
Mary Ann
Associate Professor
Zurn 75

Courses Taught:

  • Anthropology of Gender
  • Anthropology of Ritual
  • Archaeology/Lab
  • Early European Prehistory
  • Funerary Archaeology
  • General Anthropology
  • Introduction to Archaeological Theory
  • Later European Prehistory
  • Research Design
  • Senior Thesis
  • World Geography

Current Research Interests and Projects:

European prehistory, funerary anthropology and archaeology, anthropology and archaeology of ritual, prehistoric ceramic perishable impressions, gender, American historic cemeteries

  • British Bronze Age perishable Impression technology and variability; social implications

Recent Publications:

(2008) Monuments as landscape: place, perspective and performative practice. In Monuments in the Landscape, ed. P. Rainbird. Stroud: Tempus Publishing.

(2007) Ritual, Religion, and Ideology. In Encyclopedia of Archaeology. Elsevier Press.

(2007) To build or not to build: Bronze Age monument construction as technological practice. In Beyond the Grave: New Perspectives on Barrows ed. J. Last, Oxford: Oxbow Books.

(2006) Beyond geoarchaeology: pragmatist explorations of an alternative British Bronze Age viewscape. In Space and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology, eds. E. C. Robertson, J. D. Seibert, D. C. Fernandez and M. U. Zender. Calgary: Calgary University Press.

(2005) From the ground up: agency, practice and community in the southwestern British Bronze Age. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 12.4, 257-281.

(2004) Soils, Stones and Symbols: Cultural Perceptions of the Mineral World eds. N. Boivin and M. A. Owoc. London: UCL Press.