Portrait image of Christopher Dolanc
Christopher Dolanc

Associate Professor, Co-Director, Environmental Science

Contact Information

OFFICE: Zurn 104
PHONE: 814-824-2540

Dr. Dolanc is a botanist, plant ecologist and tree enthusiast. He has been at Mercyhurst since 2014 where he teaches ecology, environmental science, and plant-related courses and conducts research with students on forests, tree rings, urban forestry, and environmental issues.

About Dr. Dolanc
    • Ph.D., Ecology, University of California, Davis, 2011
    • M.S., Botany, Miami University, 2002
    • B.S., Biology, Missouri State University, 1999
    • B.M., Music, Missouri State University, 1996
    • BIO 146/147: Ecology and Evolution of Biological Organisms (Eco/Evo)
    • SCI 100/101: Environmental Problem Solving
    • BIO 210/211: Botany
    • BIO 272/273: Forest Ecology
    • BIO 286: California Ecosystems
    • BIO 372: Conservation Biology
    • BIO 392: Field Ecology
    • GEOL 370: Dendrochronology
    • Dr. Dolanc currently does research on trees and forests in NW Pennsylvania and California. He is currently working on a project addressing erosion on the bluffs overlooking Lake Erie by using tree rings to determine erosion events. He also has research on the invasive Emerald Ash Borer in long-term forest plots in Asbury Woods. Dr. Dolanc has a new project on the use and impact of “tiny forests” on the Mercyhurst campus, which is an urban forestry initiative. He also has a project on tree rings of high-elevation pines from the California mountains. Dr. Dolanc is open to any research related to plants, forests and environmental issues, and is happy to collaborate with faculty and students.