Portrait image of Christian Beyer
Christian Beyer

Executive Director for Strategic and Operational Enrollment Initiatives

Contact Information

PHONE: 814-824-2915

Hometown: Warren, PA

College Major: Communications

Why I Love Mercyhurst: The comfortable college campus setting.

Favorite Spot on Mercyhurst's Campus: The top of Alumni Hill, overlooking three athletic fields.

Favorite Erie Destination: Everyone will say Presque Isle, and they aren't wrong! I will be unique and say Shades Beach on the east side.

Favorite Mercyhurst Dining Food: Corn nuggets

Best College Advice: Figure out who you want to become and enjoy every moment of it. It's a cliché to say, "The four college years will fly by", but they will!

Fun Fact About Me: My favorite country to visit so far has been Bermuda.