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Bradley Jacobson

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

OFFICE: McAuley 101
PHONE: 814-824-2526
About Bradley Jacobson
    • M.A., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    • B.A., Alfred University
    • SPMD 155: Personal Health Science
    • SPMD 161: Assessment/Injury Management I 
    • SPMD 162: Introduction to Sports Medicine
    • SPMD 262: Assessment/Injury Management II
    • SPMD 264: Assessment/Injury Management III
    • SPMD 360: Sport/Health Fitness Management
    • SPMD 365: Kinesiology
    • SPMD 366: Kinesiology Lab
    • SPMD 372: Therapeutic Management/Modality and Rehabilitation
    • SPMD 480: Research Methods I
    • SPMD 481: Research Methods II
    • SPMD 482: Research Methods III
    • SPMD 483: Research Methods Lab
    • Baseball pitching technique and pitch count in relationship to fatigue and biomechanics. 
    • Concussions in football athletes. 
    • On field management of potential cervical neck injuries with the equipment laden athlete.
    • Primary Faculty research advisor for twenty-six Sports Medicine student baccalaureate capstone research projects.
    • Bradley Jacobson, MA; Michael Cendoma, MS, ATC; Jacob Gdovin, BS; Kevin Cooney, PT; Dustin Bruening, PhD. Cervical Spine Motion During Football Equipment-Removal Protocols: A Challenge to the All-or-Nothing Endeavor; Journal of Athletic Training, Volume 49, Number1, January-February 2014.  (This manuscript was awarded the Kenneth L. Knight Scholarly Manuscript of the year award, from the Journal of Athletic Training 2014)
    • Beaudry M.*, Holland G., Bradley J., Jacobson B., Davis S., Chetlin R. Retrospective Analysis of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction in Major League Baseball Pitchers: A Comparison of "Tall & Fall" vs. "Drop & Drive" Pitching Techniques. J Strength Cond. Res. 33(2):19, 2019. National Conference Presentations: Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine, (In Press).
    • Chetlin R., Farbacher S.*, Paddock C.*, Remedio R., Jacobson B. Postural performance, neurocognition, and self-reported concussion: a longitudinal study of incoming Division II collegiate freshmen football players. J Strength Cond. Res. 33(2):63, 2019.
    • Altavilla J.*, McDonnell S.*, Jacobson B., Baker B., Davis S., Chetlin R. Analysis of the Pitch Count in Collegiate Baseball Players: A Systems-Based Pilot Study. POSTER PRESENTATION: NSCA National Conference, Washington, DC, July 2019.
    • Sports medicine student is third author on a joint research project with me that has been accepted at a national sports medicine conference as a poster presentation. Self-guided Research project between myself and 1 dept. pre-therapy student., 2 Ex. Science masters degree students. This research project is investigating "The effect of progressive resistance exercise training the soleus muscle and its effects on reducing ACL tears in female collegiate athletes"
    • Research project, "The Effect of Pitch Count on Collegiate baseball pitchers by measuring Osteochondral Biomarkers, muscle strength and pitching biomechanics" Joint project with UPMC/Hamot and Shriners Hospital. Data collection, Feb 10 and 17, 2014
    • Research project, Attended NATA national convention, Indianapolis, IN, June 2014 Awarded faculty research contract
    • Performing joint Research with one undergrad and 2 graduate level students on the "Effects of Soleus Training on the prevention of ACL injuries in female athletes, 2 year study. 
    • Performing Joint Research project with one undergrad students and 2 graduate level students, “The Effect of Pitch Count on Collegiate baseball pitchers by measuring Osteochondral Biomarkers, muscle strength and pitching biomechanics.