Amy Weaver
Amy Weaver

Chair, Department of Fashion Merchandising, Assistant Professor

Contact Information

OFFICE: Main 303
PHONE: 814-824-3387

"It’s a beautiful thing when a passion and a career come together." 

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes not only because I have the honor of living and breathing my love for everything and anything fashion-related each day in the classroom, but also because I get to pave the way for my students to do the same in their future careers.

I enjoy challenging my students to see the fashion industry from every angle; especially the unexpected ones.  I pose thought-provoking questions that spark engaging in-class discussions.  What impact does the fashion industry’s practices have on the economy, environment, and the quality of life for individuals near and afar?  What can be done to lessen the possible negative effects of each?  What laws are in place to protect each constituent?  I have learned that students have so much insight to share related to these industry related issues.

About Amy Weaver
    • M.S., Industrial /Technical Merchandising and Fabric Analytics, University of North Texas (2005)
    • B.S., Fashion Merchandising, Mercyhurst University
    • Assessment
    • History of dress
    • Contemporary Fashion Analysis
    • Graduate/Alumni dispositions
    • International fashion arena
    • Fashion product line development
    • Computer rendering systems
    • Contemporary Fashion Analysis
    • Introduction to the Fashion Industry
    • Product Line Development
    • The International Fashion Industry
    • Merchandise Planning and Control
    • History of Dress
    • Alumni and graduating senior placement and career dispositions
    • Surveying graduates for program outcomes
    • Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, "Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in Family and Consumer Science Programs", January 2007