Portrait image of Adam Saeler
Adam Saeler

Assistant Professor, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Contact Information

OFFICE: Preston 120
PHONE: 814-824-2141

Dr. Adam Saeler is an assistant professor of Criminal Justice. His areas of interest include the intersection or race and criminal justice and pedagogy in the criminal justice classroom.

About Dr. Saeler
    • Ph.D, Criminal Justice, Nova Southeastern University, 2015
    • M.S., Administration of Justice, Mercyhurst University, 2009
    • B.A., Criminal Justice, Mercyhurst University, 2006
    • CRJS 101: Justice in America
    • CRJS 104: Introduction to Corrections
    • CRJS 204: Introduction to Organized Crime
    • CRJS 290: Race & Justice
    • CRJS 307: Crime Prevention
    • CRJS 336: Advanced Criminology
    • CRJS 337: Sociology of Law
    • CRJS 352: Political Crime and Terrorism
    • CRJS 410: Senior Seminar
    • CJA 631: Political Crime and Terrorism

    My teaching interests revolve around criminal justice in general. I enjoy race and justice the most, but I also enjoy teaching our freshmen in justice in America and introduction to corrections. In the classroom I like to challenge and engage my students in discussions, simulations, and in small group activities. I also enjoy trying to teach using what might be considered non-traditional examples or examples from history to highlight injustices within or contemporary system.

    • Pedagogy in the criminal justice classroom
    • Intersection of race and criminal justice
    • Mandatory sentencing policies
    • Pedagogy in the criminal justice classroom, the intersection of race and criminal justice, mandatory sentencing policies

    Saeler, A. (2022, March 14-18). Simulations in the criminal justice classroom. RoundTable discussion, 2022 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

    Saeler, A. (2022, August 20). What CRT is, and what it isn’t. His View. Record-Argus.