adam saeler
Assistant Professor
Preston 126
Dr. Saeler is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and former senior research analyst at the Thomas J. Gamble Civic Institute. As a senior research analyst, he was responsible for planning and conducting evaluation research for multiple social agencies in the Erie Community including the Office of Children and Youth, the Court of Common Pleas, and the Office of Drug and Alcohol Abuse among others. He has published and presented research at multiple national conferences. He has assisted with the facilitation of the Erie County Criminal Justice Coalition by way of the Erie County Criminal Justice Board, the Erie County Policy and Planning Council, and Erie Together. He teaches Justice in America, Introduction to Corrections, Race and Justice, Political Crime and Terrorism, Sociology of Law, and Crime Prevention courses. His research interests include perceptions of race and criminal justice, delay discounting among criminal justice students and police academy cadets, and the effectiveness of mandatory sanctioning policies on recidivism.