• Individuals must be members of the Mercyhurst University Alumni Association by virtue of having received a degree from Mercyhurst College/University.
  • Members are appointed for a term of three (3) years, beginning September 1. A member may serve up to three (3) consecutive terms on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.


  • Nominees to the Alumni Association Board of Directors will have a comprehensive understanding of the purpose and function of the Alumni Association and the Board of Directors, including specific responsibilities and expectations outlined in the organizational By-Laws (available online here).


  • Members of the board are expected to attend at least three (3) board meetings per year. Meetings are conducted on the campus of Mercyhurst University. In certain circumstances, attendance may be via telephone or audio/visual conference call.


  • Members are expected to actively participate in all meetings of the Alumni Association and the Board of Directors, and to be responsible for the transactions of necessary business of the Alumni Association between meetings.
  • Members are expected to actively participate in at least one subcommittee of the board in order to advance the strategic goals established by the Board of Directors.
  • Members are expected to attend events of the University and/or the Alumni Association (i.e. Reunion Weekend, Homecoming and Family Weekend, regional gatherings of alumni, etc.)
  • Members are to represent the alumni of Mercyhurst University, and may be requested to officially do so at local events/gatherings.


  • Members are expected to actively support, and participate in, the development and fundraising endeavors of Mercyhurst University.


  • Individuals may be self identified or approached by current members of the board.
  • The current Alumni Board is responsible for soliciting nominations for new members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, seeking to include representation of the various demographics and characteristics of the entire Alumni Association, including class year, race, gender, skill set, geographic region, campus representation, and degree/major field(s) of study.
  • Nominees shall submit an application and the necessary background information via an online interest form located here.
  • Nominees may be requested to participate in an individual interview with members of the Alumni Board and or Executive Committee.
  • Nominations may occur at any time of the year; voting on potential new members to the board takes place during the summer meeting of the Board of Directors. Terms begin on September 1 of each year.

Further inquires or questions should be directed to Lindsay Frank '12, director of alumni engagement or a current member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

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