Mercyhurst University strives to go beyond "veteran friendly" toward providing a truly supportive and engaging experience for all our veterans, service members, and dependents. We provide a wide range of educational opportunities that are consistently attractive to veterans transitioning from service, such as:

Veterans don’t just attend Mercyhurst because of our programs, however. The university recognizes our duty to take care of the men and women, as well as their dependents, who serve this country. To this end, we offer the following resources that helps set us apart from other colleges or universities you may be considering.

Office of Veterans Services

  • Provides assistance and guidance in completing the application process for both admission to the university and securing veteran benefits
  • Advises veteran students each term, as individuals, on courses to take in order to complete their degree in the shortest amount of time
  • Updates on issues, concerns and legislation relevant to veterans and their dependents
  • Open door policy to discuss any issues or concerns regarding your enrollment or anything else that may be on your mind
  • Located two blocks from Erie’s VA Hospital, resulting in easy access to medical attention and counseling services for eligible veterans; on campus medical and counseling resources for those veterans who are not eligible

Purple Heart University

Mercyhurst University is a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program, and in 2018, we were honored to be named Pennsylvania’s second Purple Heart University—one of only 91 colleges and universities nationwide to receive this designation. This honor from the Military Order of the Purple Heart recognizes Mercyhurst as emblematic of the order’s primary goal to provide services to veterans and their families, especially those veterans who were wounded in combat and are now pursuing higher education at Mercyhurst. Long known as a military-friendly university, Mercyhurst easily met the criteria for the Purple Heart University distinction, which include having a veterans’ center on campus, providing a support liaison and other auxiliary resources for veterans, and offering priority registration for classes.

Priority Registration

We know that time-to-completion is a concern for nearly every veteran student. In an attempt to make sure you are able to get all the courses necessary to complete your degree in a timely manner, and as a sign of our commitment to make the veteran student experience top notch, we have granted priority registration to all eligible veterans. This means you’ll be able to schedule your courses before the vast majority of students on campus. Only veteran students who have been verified by the Office of Veterans Services will be eligible for priority registration.

Veteran Student Resource Center

Located on the 4th floor of the Hammermill Library, and with a beautiful view of majestic Old Main and the Mary Garden, the Veteran Student Resource Center is outfitted with computers, study tables, a fridge, microwave, complimentary coffee station and the comfiest couches on campus. Students use this for multiple things including quiet study, group meetings, socializing and the occasional nap. The Veteran Services Program Manager’s office is conveniently located nearby.

Understanding Your Veteran Benefits

We are committed to helping you to maximize your veteran benefits. We also know the process can, at times, be frustrating and confusing. We work with you every step of the way to help you understand how much of a benefit you should be anticipating throughout the year. Visit our Understanding Veteran Benefits webpage to learn more about the types of benefits our veterans and their dependents receive, how to apply for those benefits, and how Mercyhurst administers those benefits.

Military Leave Policy

We understand that life for a Reservist or member of the National Guard can be quite unpredictable. Our Veterans Service Office will assist you with all the paperwork involved with taking a temporary leave from the university. If you are called to active duty, inform your Academic Advisor and the Veterans Services Program Manager so that they can provide you with this assistance.

Office of Veterans Services