Mercyhurst University

Roger Griffiths, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Main 305

(814) 824-2123

He is a strong open-source advocate, living in a world without walls or fences (hence, no need for windows or gates).

Recently, have collaborated with Chad Redmond on several web projects using PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL. Most recently GIS for web developers, resulting in a new course (2009) web-mapping using open-source tools.

Roger Griffiths joined the faculty in the fall of 2004 from Montana State University. He has undergraduate degrees in both Mathematics and Nautical Science. Dr. Griffiths is an associate professor of Mathematics. His recent teaching duties include Differential Equations, the calculus sequence, Mathematics for the Natural Sciences, Introduction to Internet Programming, Internet Programming II (server-side), and Operating Systems (GNU/Linux).

Recently, he has led student research in:

Advanced Web Application Development - 2008
Web Application Design and Implementation - 2007
Ruby on Rails - 2006
Data Structures in Java - 2005
Dr. Griffiths is also the Department System Administrator (Linux) and Department webmaster.