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What does “wellness” mean at Mercyhurst? It means that you will have many opportunities to develop your mind, body and spirit. Therefore, we understand that a lot of your growth during your college years happens outside the classroom. At Mercyhurst, we make it a priority to connect our students with the resources and people they need to be well.

Yoga classes? We have that. A safe, confidential place to talk with a professional about health issues? We have that, too. Faith-sharing and ministry groups? Of course!

It all goes back to our Mercy Mission to extend hospitality and reach out in compassion to others. When our students are balanced in mind, body and spirit, we build a community of empowered, compassionate people that make a difference here at Mercyhurst and across the globe.

Whether you’re getting a flu shot at the Health Center, spending the weekend on a retreat through Campus Ministry, or chatting with a counselor about balancing work, school and life – Mercyhurst offers many ways to keep you well.