Mercyhurst University

Christopher Dolanc, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology

Zurn 104

(814) 824-2540


Missouri State University – Music Performance (1996)

Missouri State University – Biology (1999)



Miami University – Master’s in Botany (2002)



University of California, Davis – Ecology (2011)



I am interested in how plants interact with the environment (Plant Ecology), how forests function as an ecosystem (Forest Ecology) and how we can use the past to predict the future of our ecosystems (Historical Ecology). I am particularly interested in how forest communities are responding to climate change, and how individual trees have and will respond to shifts in climate. My work is mostly field-based, using large plots to sample herbs and trees, but I also work with tree rings to analyze their patterns and relate those patterns to the environment (Dendrochronology).

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