Christopher Dolanc

Assistant Professor of Biology

Zurn 102

(814) 824-2540


Chris is interested in a broad range of topics in botany and ecology, but is especially interested in how trees interact with climate and how this relationship relates to their historical, current and future distributions.  Currently, he is collaborating with the US Forest Service on how management impacts forest structure and composition, and the growth of high-elevation conifers. He has worked in forests in many parts of the world, including Peru, China, and California. A naturalist at heart, he is happy to work with students on any topic related to the natural world.

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PhD     (2011) Ecology, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA

MS       (2002) Botany, Miami University, Oxford, OH

BS        (1999) Biology, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO

BM      (1996) Music Performance, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO

Courses Taught: 

BIO 210 – General Botany

BIO 146/147 – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

BIO 100 – Freshman Seminar

ENVS 100 – Environmental Problem Solving

Selected Publications: 

Dolanc, C.R., Safford, H.D., Thorne, J.H. and Dobrowski, S.Z. (2014) Changing forest structure across the landscape of the Sierra Nevada, CA, USA, since the 1930s. Ecosphere 5(8): 101.


Dolanc, C.R., Safford, H.D., Dobrowski, S.Z. and Thorne, J.H. (2014) Shifts in abundance and composition of vegetation types of the Sierra Nevada, CA, US. Applied Vegetation Science 17: 442-455.


Dolanc, C.R., Westfall, R.D., Safford, H.D., Thorne, J.H. and Schwartz, M.W. (2013) Growth-climate relationships for six subalpine tree species in a Mediterranean climate. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 43: 1114-1126.


Dolanc, C.R., Thorne, J.H. and Safford, H.D. (2013) Widespread shifts in the demographic structure of subalpine forests in the Sierra Nevada, California, 1934 to 2007. Global Ecology and Biogeography 22(3): 264-276.


Schwartz, M.W., Dolanc, C.R., Gao, H., Strauss, S.Y., Schwartz, A.C., Williams, J.N. and Tang, Ya. (2013) Forest structure, stand composition, and climate-growth response in montane forests of Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve, China. PLoS One 8(8).