Mercyhurst University

Physics Bachelor of Arts • Bachelor of Science

The Mercyhurst University Department of Physics seeks to provide a high-quality physics education that prepares students to be the scientists of the future, confident in their abilities and their understanding of physics. Because we believe that simple factual knowledge is not sufficient, the department seeks to instill strong analytical and critical thinking skills in our students. To accomplish this goal, our department is centered on the following tenets:
  • A student-centered approach
  • A focus on scientific inquiry
  • A commitment to promoting diversity
  • A dedication to standards of excellence
  • A belief in developing the whole person
Along with our major courses, we also strive to provide students with a liberal arts background that contributes to a well-rounded academic. Students in any of our courses should acquire the foundational knowledge necessary to be successful in their field and as thoughtful citizens. Our graduates should have the expertise and competence in physics to be prepared for that study in the physical science and or for employment.

Physics Curriculum

Introductory Courses (1st and 2nd Years)
PHYS 200                     Freshmen Seminar
MATH 170                   Calculus I
PHYS 201/203 General Physics I & Lab
CHEM 121/122           General Chemistry I & Lab
MATH171                    Calculus II
PHYS 202/206 General Physics II & Lab
CHEM 131/132           General Chemistry II & Lab
MATH 150                   Linear Algebra
MATH 240                   Differential Equations
PHYS330                      Thermal Physics
MATH 233                   Calculus III
PHYS 310/312 Modern Physics & Lab
Upper Division Courses (3rd and 4th Years)
PHYS 350                     Mechanics I
PHYS xxx                      Major Elective Course
PHYS 360                     Electromagnetism
PHYS 335                     Optics
PHYS xxx                      Major Elective Course
PHYS 420                     Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 450                     Senior Research Project

Meet the Faculty

Dyan Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physics
Paul Ashcraft
Physics Department Chair
Faculty Image for 
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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Simona Carrubba
Simona Carrubba, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor