Mercyhurst University

Geology Bachelor of Arts • Bachelor of Science

Students majoring in Geology will be preparing themselves to take an active role in the utilization of the earth's resources while protecting its fragile environment. Course work involves hands-on use of modern laboratory equipment and extensive projects out in the field. The faculty combines the use of small class sizes and abundant travel opportunities with a commitment to involving students in ongoing geological projects that involve both local and far-ranging locales.

The curricula are designed with three primary objectives:

  1. Prepare students for entry level employment with consulting and engineering companies that concentrate on environmental problems 1.
  2. Prepare students for entry level employment in federal, state, and municipal environmental agencies 2.
  3. Prepare students that enter graduate programs in the branch of geology of their choosing in preparation for university teaching or upper level employment with private companies or governmental agencies.

Meet the Faculty

Nick Lang
Nicholas Lang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Chair, Department of Geology Co-Director, Environmental Science Program
Faculty Image for 
Raymond Buyce
Raymond Buyce, Ph.D.
Director, Geoarchaeological Research, Department of Geology
Faculty Image for 
Scott McKenzie
Scott McKenzie, B.S. E.d.
Assistant Professor, Geology; Paleontology Director

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