Mercyhurst University

Chemistry Bachelor of Science

A chemistry major at Mercyhurst has available several options that result in a broad and high quality preparation in mathematics and basic sciences. The chemistry major is well-suited to careers in industrial or governmental settings or for entrance into graduate school. A chemistry major can also prepare to teach science at grades 7-12 by satisfying the appropriate certification requirements.

Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

First-Year Level

  • CHEM 121/122 General Chemistry I/Lab
  • CHEM 131/132 General Chemistry II/Lab
  • MATH 170 Calculus I
  • MATH 171 Calculus II

Sophomore Level

  • CHEM 240/241 Organic Chemistry I/Lab
  • CHEM 242/243 Organic Chemistry II/Lab
  • MATH 233 Calculus III (Required for B.S. degree)*
  • PHYS 201/203 General Physics I/Lab
  • PHYS 202/206 General Physics II/Lab

Junior/Senior Level

  • CHEM 230/231 Quantitative Analysis/Lab
  • CHEM 310 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHEM 331/332 Biochemistry I/Lab
  • CHEM 314 Advanced Organic Chemistry or
    • CHEM 335/336 Spectral Interpretation/Lab
  • CHEM 333/334 Instrumental Analysis/Lab
  • CHEM 341 Physical Chemistry I
  • CHEM 343 Experimental Physical Chemistry
  • CHEM 351 Physical Chemistry II
  • CHEM 409 Seminar
  • CHEM 410 Research I
  • Major Elective Course
  • Elective Course
  • Elective Course

Recommended Elective Courses (Select 3 electives, 1 of which must come from this list)

  • CHEM 420 Chemical Biology
  • FRSC 360 Forensic Chemistry
  • MATH 240 Differential Equations
  • PHYS 310 Modern Physics
  • PHYS 370 Optics

The BA degree requires an additional Major Elective Course with a Lab component.
– To prepare for standardized exams, pre-medical students should enroll in Biochemistry I/Lab at the junior level.
– At least 121 credit hours are required for graduation. All of the courses listed here total 121-123.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

Same course requirements as the B.S. degree, except Calculus III is not required. To replace these hours, an additional elective course with a lab component is required.

Meet the Faculty

Clint Jones, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Associate Professor
Amy Danowitz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Amy Parente, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Associate Dean, Zurn College of Natural and Health Sciences
Carl Voltz, MS
Laboratory Manager
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Christopher Taylor
Christopher Taylor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
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Jack Williams
Jack Williams, Ph.D
Professor of Chemistry
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Ronald Brown
Ronald Brown, Ph.D.
Associate Professor