Mercyhurst University

Intelligence Graduate Degrees and Certificates

Graduate Programs

Applied Intelligence
(Erie, Pa)

The applied intelligence master's degree is a 34 credit program designed to provide a theoretical and practical framework for the study of intelligence and its application in a wide variety of contexts.

Applied Intelligence (Online)

The online intelligence program focuses on intelligence as a process, emphasizing the application of intelligence theory across the disciplines of national security, military, law enforcement, and competitive intelligence.

Data Science
(Erie, Pa)

Data scientists collect, analyze, and model information for decision makers in businesses, non-profits, and government agencies

Graduate Certificates

Applied Intelligence (Online)

This program provides high-quality education for intelligence analysts through a four course, 12-credit program consisting of 3 core classes.

Business Analytics and Intelligence Graduate Certificate (Online)

This program is designed to enable working professionals to extract, analyze, interpret, and present information to decision makers in the private sector.

Non-Degree Online Intelligence Courses

Online courses may be taken by interested parties as stand-alone educational opportunities. Please see the following information on available graduate non-degree educational opportunities.