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News and Events Contacts

The public relations staff at Mercyhurst University delivers news about academic issues, arts and culture, campus life, research and the far-reaching accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

If you are a faculty/staff member with a story idea for the media or are in need of media relations support, we are here to help. If you are a member of the media seeking information about Mercyhurst or connecting with a faculty/staff expert, we are eager to assist you. We do ask that you observe Mercyhurst University’s Media Policy:

Media Policy

The Mercyhurst University Public Relations Office works closely with all local, regional and national media to provide information about the university as needed. However, Mercyhurst does ask that all media outlets respect the privacy of Mercyhurst students and employees and pass their requests for interviews, access and information through the public relations office. Likewise, members of the college community who are approached directly by the media should refer them to the public relations office to facilitate their requests. This long-standing policy has two goals – to connect reporters with the best member of the university community to handle their respective inquiries and to protect those within the community who are uncomfortable handling questions from news reporters.


Debbie Morton
Director of Public Relations & Media Relations Manager
Phone: 814.824.2552
Susan Corbran
Communications Manager
Phone: 814.824.2090
Leena Clint
Web/Social Media
Phone: 814.824.3677