History Bachelor of Arts

The mission of the Mercyhurst University History Department begins with engaging students in the rich and rewarding study of past human societies and cultures.  Our courses emphasize the thorough study of both primary sources and secondary-source interpretations of scholars.  Students strengthen their abilities to research, analyze and weigh evidence, and articulate sound conclusions and arguments.  Through extensive writing and discussion opportunities, students are challenged to develop the historical habits of mind that provide them with personal enrichment, equip them to better understand the complex world in which they live, and sustain throughout their lives the spirit of inquiry, curiosity and civic engagement that lies at the heart of the discipline of history.  Further, Mercyhurst History majors acquire knowledge and critical thinking skills that cultivate their development as informed, engaged, and thoughtful citizens.  They are prepared to pursue successful careers as teachers, researchers, writers and journalists, attorneys, non-profit or public service professionals, historians in both the public and private sectors, among many other career tracks.

Meet the Faculty

Averill Earls
Benjamin Scharff
Assistant Professor of History
Chris Magoc, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Professor, Associate Dean - School of Social Sciences
John Olszowka, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Kristin Collins, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Randall Howarth, Ph.D.

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