Mercyhurst University

French or Spanish Education Bachelor of Arts

The French and Spanish education majors at Mercyhurst offer students hands-on experiences as they prepare  to be language teachers in  K-12 classrooms. With practicum experiences from the freshman year, our French and Spanish Education majors graduate with strong language skills and deep understanding of best practices in world language education. As the only university to certify French and Spanish education students in the Erie region, our graduates are sought-after by area school districts. However, 45 states have signed teacher certification reciprocity agreements with Pennsylvania so language education graduates can teach all over the US.

Language education majors may also add a certification in English as a Second Language to their program, to enhance their employment options, with only three additional courses.



Our Spanish Education students can add an English as a Second Language certificate to their academic program and increase their employment options.


#myMUexperience - Kate

Kate is a French Education major who had the opportunity to study-abroad in Paris.

#myMUexperience - Cole

Cole has experienced the best of both worlds at Mercyhurst through countless service opportunities and strong relationships with his professors.

Meet the Faculty

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Douglas Boudreau
Douglas Boudreau, Ph.D.
Chair, Associate Professor of French
Alice Edwards, Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish
Janelle Newman, Ph.D.
Karen Williams, Ph.D.
Professor of Spanish
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Kathryn Duda
Kathryn Duda
Instructor of Russian Studies
Meng Wang
Instructor of Asian Studies