English Bachelor of Arts

From analyzing classic British literature to writing your own thesis on applied linguistics, the English department at Mercyhurst University offers a focus of study for any student who loves to read and write. English majors have the opportunity to serve as a research assistant for faculty members, work at the university’s Writing Center, and receive hands-on work experience in professional writing. Active student clubs and organizations like Lumen, the campus arts journal; The Theatre Appreciation Club, which helps promote university productions; and Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society, can help you tailor your experience as an English major to best fit your personal interests and career goals. The department has sponsored nationally acclaimed speakers and writers, such as Robert Bly, Sonia Sanchez and Peter Coyote, who come to offer readings, conduct workshops and lead writing master classes. Our dynamic and dedicated faculty establish close working relationships with students – it’s not uncommon to see a gathering of English faculty and students continue their conversations outside the classroom. Our students leave Mercyhurst well prepared with the requisite writing, analysis and presentation skills needed to for graduate programs at high-caliber universities, or to secure employment with this flexible and marketable degree. ENGLISH MAJOR with a SECONDARY EDUCATION FOCUS There are two ways to become an English teacher at Mercyhurst University. Students can choose the path that works best for them. Both options prepare students to teach English in secondary-level (grades 7 through 12) classrooms and lead to teacher certification. English Majors pursuing either option are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA overall and in the major courses. OPTION 1: THE ENGLISH MAJOR--ENGLISH EDUCATION CONCENTRATION The English Major—English Education Concentration is a four-year degree program. Students complete a 42-credit course of study in the English department and at the same time take 27 credits in the Education department. This includes their Capstone Clinical requirement taken in Spring semester of Senior year. Students graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. OPTION 2: THE ENGLISH MAJOR—4+1 SECONDARY EDUCATION CONCENTRATION The English Major—4+1 Secondary Education Concentration begins as a four year program. Students complete 51 credits in the English department, earning a B.A. in English, and then matriculate into the Education department for their fifth and final year, graduating with a Master’s degree in Secondary Education Pedagogy and Practice.

Meet the Faculty

Brett Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Brian Reed, Ph.D.
Dean of Faculty, Associate Professor
Christina Rieger, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Christina Riley-Brown, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Associate Professor
Gregory Brown, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Director of the Writing Center
Heidi Hosey, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Roessner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Joanne McGurk, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Marnie Sullivan, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor
Sister Lisa Mary McCartney, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

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