Art Therapy Bachelor of Arts

Art Therapy majors investigate the healing potential of the arts through self-reflective art directives, research, and service learning in the community. The program includes classes in: art therapy, studio art, and psychology. In art therapy classes, students develop a non-judgmental approach toward art made by themselves and others. This approach enables an ability to support the use of art as a way to address goals and problems. Internships provide students with opportunities to witness and encourage art-making as a transformational process.

Meet the Faculty

Daniel Burke, M.Ed.
Gary Cardot, M.A., M.F.A.
Assistant Professor
Heather Denning
Jodi Staniunas-Hopper, M.F.A.
Chairperson, Associate Professor
Peter Stadtmueller, M.S.I.S.
Graphic Design Program Director, Lecturer
Thomas Hubert, M.F.A.

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