Anthropology/Archaeology Bachelor of Arts • Bachelor of Science

Anthropology/Archaeology students at Mercyhurst University are provided with basic training in the broad field of anthropology as well as specialized training in Archaeology, Physical Anthropology, and Forensic Anthropology. Students can take a hands-on approach to a wide variety of research opportunities in diverse topical, chronological, and environmental settings. Students attain a solid foundation within the field and further their education when choosing one of two concentrations: Archaeology or Bioarchaeology.

Our department is committed to the education and training of the next generation of Anthropologists and Archaeologists. As a four-field discipline concerned with the cultural and biological expressions of humanity past and present, Anthropology is a diverse endeavor characterized by approaches and methodologies drawn from both the sciences and the humanities. Therefore, a wide range of core information, concepts, methodologies, as well as the ability to mobilize these resources critically and independently, form the skill set that we strive to impart to our students. Development of these skills in our programs and courses is facilitated by the following tenets:

  • A student-centered approach to Anthropological inquiry. Immersion of students in field, laboratory, and research experiences extends to all phases of our scholarly pursuits, including research design, data collection and analysis, and communication to the disciplinary community and diverse publics.
  • A focus upon foundational knowledge, theories, and methodologies of our diverse discipline and, a necessary cross-disciplinary engagement with the earth and biological sciences. This focus is facilitated via classroom and practical hands-on experiences that expose students to various career paths.
  • A commitment to working closely with students of all experiences and backgrounds. Emphasis is placed upon mentoring through the advising process, in directed field and laboratory experiences, and through the independent research process.
  • Firm adherence to a clear and rigorous set of academic standards necessary for the success of our students in the current career market and in top-tier graduate programs here and abroad.

Meet the Faculty

Allison Byrnes, M.A.
Lithic Technology Specialist, Director, Lithic Analysis Laboratory
Anne Marjenin
Lab Supervisor
David Hyland, Ph.D.
Professor, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Edward Jolie, M.A., Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Assistant Professor Director, R. L. Andrews Center for Perishables Analysis
Mary Ann Owoc, Ph.D
Associate Professor Department of Anthropology/Archaeology
Ruth Jolie, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Stephen Ousley
Assistant Professor of Anthropology

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