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As an institution rooted in the Mercy Mission, Mercyhurst University seeks to provide world-class, career-ready education—one informed by the values of service, hospitality, and entrepreneurship—to all who aspire to it. Confident in this mission, we are announcing a multi-year plan to strengthen our two-year and four-year health care programs and consolidate all academic programming to our Main Campus in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

Skilled, compassionate professionals in the nursing and allied health fields are needed now more than ever, according to employment projections. Our planned multi-million-dollar investments in facility improvements, new equipment, and leading-edge technology for our health care programming—including our nursing, physical therapist assistant, occupational therapy assistant, and respiratory therapist programs—promise to enrich the learning experiences for our students and prepare them for successful careers as leaders in these disciplines.

Over the next two years, we will implement a phased consolidation of the university’s North East Campus with our Main Campus in Erie, pending approval by the Middle States Commission for Higher Education. The transition will relocate North East’s academic programs, the majority of which are health-related, to Erie by August 2021. On our Main Campus, our students in these programs can expect high-quality, student-centered educational experiences on a supportive campus community attuned to each student’s needs—with the added benefits of enhanced opportunities for hands-on learning, as well as greater program accessibility and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this announcement mean for current students on the North East Campus?

Mercyhurst is committed to maintaining high academic and student life standards for all students throughout the transition of academic programming. Students currently enrolled in programs housed on the North East Campus will continue taking classes on the North East Campus for the duration of their enrollment, receiving uninterrupted access to the campus’ academic resources, support services, and amenities. Some currently enrolled students may take select classes on the Main Campus. 

What does this announcement mean for prospective students on the North East Campus?

Students planning on enrolling in programs on the North East Campus before Fall 2021 will do so with the expectation that they will complete one year of study on the North East Campus and one year of study on the Main Campus. Additional guidance and advising resources will be offered to help students navigate their transition to classes on the Main Campus. Students planning to enroll in Fall 2021 or later will complete all coursework on the Main Campus as Mercyhurst University students.  

What does this announcement mean for current students on the Main Campus?

Traditional undergraduate and graduate students on the Main Campus will notice little—if any—change to their Mercyhurst student experience during or after the academic program consolidation. The vast majority of students in our one- and two-year programs are nontraditional, adult-age students who commute to campus. 

What new programs will be offered on the Main Campus?  

In addition to health care programming, Mercyhurst is transitioning all one- and two-year associate degree and certificate programs from the North East Campus to the Main Campus. Programs located at the Corry and Booker T. Washington campuses will be unaffected by this change. The Municipal Police Academy will remain at its current location in the Janet L. Miller Building on Route 89 in North East, Pennsylvania. 

What are the renovation plans on the Main Campus?

Mercyhurst will invest in renovations and expansions to existing campus facilities to house the specialized classroom and laboratory space for the Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Respiratory Therapist programs. Facility upgrades are also planned to support the RN programs and high-tech nursing simulation laboratories on the Main Campus.

Why is Mercyhurst making these investments now?

Over the past four years, Mercyhurst University has enjoyed record enrollments and fundraising, established transformative community partnerships, and engaged in various million-dollar capital projects. From this position of strength, we are fortunate to be able to make these significant investments in our allied health and nursing programs at a dynamic moment in higher education. 

In addition, this is an excellent time to strengthen and grow health care programming. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the health care industry is expected to add four million new jobs in the U.S. through 2026. Regionally, health care providers partnering with Mercyhurst have expressed a vital need for nurses and allied health professionals. We are excited to be able to offer increased educational opportunities for students interested in entering the nursing and allied health professions. 

What will happen to the Women With Children Program currently offered at Mercyhurst North East?

The Women With Children Program, which launched at Mercyhurst North East in Fall 2018, provides on-campus housing and support to single mothers at or near the poverty level, along with their children, empowering the women to achieve their educational goals and establish family-supporting careers. This program will continue throughout the transition period, and will continue operating on Mercyhurst’s Main Campus after the consolidation. Dedicated family-friendly private living spaces, family enrichment programming, and other support systems will be available on the Main Campus to accommodate single mothers and their children in the Women With Children Program. Read more about the program

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